Utopia. Systems. Ideology. Modernism. Buildings. Grid. Endless City. Sprawl. Alienation. Entropy. Dystopia. Protest. Improvisation. Survival. Local. Invention. Making. Drawing. Painting. Remembering. Books. Laughing. Loving. Kids. Ageing. Mortality

Utopian Heights, acrylic on polyester 2015, 200 x80 cms
The Spratley Islands, acrylic on paper 2015, 160 x 135 cms
Avenue of the Utopias (diptych) ink on canvas 2013, 205x220cms

Amazon City, ink & acrylic on cardboard packaging, 2015, 115 x 50 cms
The Engineer's Studio, acrylic on paper 2016, 130 x 130cms
Kissing the Tiger, oil on canvas, 2011. 185 x 140 cms
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